SGM Management Sdn. Bhd.
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Commitment strives for positive growth

Our strength lies in our ability to combine our consultant’s experiences, whose vast knowledge comes from their hands-on on the job given, and proven strategies in meeting today’s challenges.





SGM offers a wide range of services which includes development of company total strategies to the implementation of management systems, which includes:

  • Consulting and advisory support for establishing management systems,
  • Consulting and advisory support for upgrading of management systems
  • Auditing support to determine the compliance of management system,
  • Training support to transfer knowledge on the understanding and implementing management systems.

SGM Management Sdn Bhd is a

Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) registered Quality Management Consultant.

(Ref NPC(SMA) 807.1/139).

SGM also has an international affiliation with Surface Mount and Circuit Board Association (SMCBA), a certified and authorized IPC training Centre, based in Australia to offer all the 5 IPC Training cources.

In collaboration with SMCBA, SGM is proud to bring all the 5 exclusive IPC training courses to Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, the 1st in Malaysia. Attracting participants from all over the world.

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